When I try to enter a new account and password it takes me out of the secure site. It won't take a new account.


  • Ben
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    Hello Susie60,


    Could you give us more details on your problem? Does your problem appear when trying to add or save a new pair username/password in the FS-Key product?


    What are the Operating system and the product version you are using?


  • Susie60
    Susie60 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply Ben, but my issue I have entered approximately 10 of my personal accounts along with their passwords. I tried to enter my Macy's account with password but F-secure shuts down each time it closes the app. I have restarted my iPhone 6+ with no luck fixing the problem. Your app has helped me in the past. I'm already having senior moments at the ripe old age of 60. Thank you Ben for your help. Susie
  • Harri_K
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    on iPhones you need to copy and paste your username and password, there is unfortunately no automatic login functionality.


    If you go to the card view you can copy for example your username or password by clicking the purple icons on the left of the text, the person shape or the box with the three dots inside it.


    If you click the globe, this will open the site in your browser and F-Secure KEY will remain in the background. You can get back to KEY by double clicking the home button and finding it from the app list.


    If you are still having trouble, please describe exactly which button press in which screen causes KEY to shut down.

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