How to get a new Voucher for F-Secure Premium if the one I paid for never worked

I updated my version of F-Secure Premium a few weeks ago and got problems with finding my keywords back. I saw in the community posts that it was a problem also for others and locking and re-entering worked, which I did.

However, my connection with another device was gone and the screen said that my old Premium subscription was valid until june 2014 (which was not true, in fact it ended around today or tomorrow). I bought a new one and redeemed it with the voucher, but nothing happened. That particular update was clearly having more problems. I did not get things working and deinstalled everything after exporting my keywords. I reinstalled it again and imported my keywords. All fine. But now I have one version on my desktop with one masterkey, and one version on my tablet with another masterkey. And I cannot use the old Voucher, as it says that it has been used already. So I paid for the Premium on 1/15/2015, but never got anything in return, except a lot of problems. I want of course a new voucher and advice on how to sync my two versions again. If needed I can send the invoice number and ref number.


  • Ben
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    Hello Jacb,


    Sorry to hear you had trouble to renew and use our product.

    Please make sure you are using the latest version (3.1.1 for Android, 3.1.112 for desktop, 3.0.2 for iOS)

    )of our product as they resolve lots of syncing issue.


    I'll send you further instructions on that matter by private message.

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