How to manage the recent major upgrade of F-Secure Key Premium

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I've just made the jump to version 3.x of Secure Key Premium from the previous version.


I had a few challenges making the upgrade, and more specifically my new subscription duration not being shown which caused me to burn through my allocation of 5 Voucher codes. The situation was also compounded by me having multiple devices.  Anyway I  wanted to document how I eventually had success, and what the pitfalls are to avoid.  Thanks to F-Secure support for getting me through the challenges!!!!


So here are my steps:


0) Your previous version of F-Secure 2.x may offer you to do an upgrade , please hold off doing this for now as this is how my issues arose.


1) Whatever you do,  don't use your Premium Vouncher key(s) until you have got things ready to go.

(I repeat, don't use your Premium Voucher Keys until you have completed the steps below).


2) Chose one of you devices running F-Secure Key Premium as your primary device.
Export your passwords from F-Secure Key Premium from this device using the Export Passwords option under settings.


3) Repeat the export passwords step on another synchronised device you may have to hand or make a second copy and put it on a USB key  - this is just good practice!!!!


4) Uninstall the old version of F-Secure Key Premium on the primary device and also the user data (but only if you have made export copies).   In Windows, you can do this by going to "Uninstall Programs" and you can delete just the user data if you like. In MAC just delete the F-Secure Key App from the Applications file and iOS just hold down the Home button and wait for crosses to appear in the corner of the App Icon.


5) Now you can re-install the F-Secure application.  My recommendation is to go to  or your local language version and download the version for your device.


6) Now re-install the F-Secure Key Application and when asked to enter a master password, chose a new master password different from your old one - again this is good practice.


7) Now you can open the F-Secure key App and import your passwords from the plain text file you exported earlier.


8) Now go to the subscriptions tab and apply the F-Secure Key Premium Code and the system should now correctly show your extended subscription eg to 2016 or 2017.


9) Keeping your new installation of F-Secure Key open on your primary device, go to the Connect Devices tab and view the synchronisation  code shown by the primary device.


10) Bring together any devices that need synchronising with your new subscription, and now just perform the straight software upgrade on those as either offered by the system on opening F-Secure, or by downloading the new version from the F-Secure Key website and then re-installing.  


11) Open the newly installed version of F-Secure Key on the secondary device(s) that needs synchronising (this will need your old password).


12) Go to the connect devices tab on the secondary device(s) that needs to be synchronised and enter the synchronisation code shown on your primary device (ie the one you first upgraded) and then click the connect button.   The secondary device should now be synchronised and will now request your new master password (the new one you created on the primary device) and should show your updated subscription date expiry correctly.






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    Hello VK73,


    Thank you for sharing.

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