How do I get my Premium Vouchers Reset?

VK73 Posts: 10

Hi,  I've had issues with F-Secure Key and have just upgraded to the latest version. In trying to fix the issues with previous versions I have used all my allocated premium vouchers (6) in trying to get things working.

Right now I have a working system, but the expiry is showing June 2015, rather than 2016. 


If I enter the Premium Voucher codes into Secure Key it tells me they have been used.


What can I do to recover these?


  • dukavi
    dukavi Posts: 115 F-Secure Employee

    It is not possible to use a voucher more than once.

    Anyway, we are ready to grant you a replacement, another 1-year  voucher

  • VK73
    VK73 Posts: 10

    I actually had 6 voucher I believe - 5 devices on Secure Safe and 1 I bought.


    That said, I only actually would use one voucher, but was going to give the rest away to family/friends.

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