Lengthening the PSB Infections/Reports coverage time

By default PSB's Infections/Reports covers only last four weeks. Is it possible to make them cover longer time? -TomS


  • Petri
    Petri Posts: 38

    Hi TomS,


    it is not possible to make the longer without us changing the products itself. How long would you like it to be?


    If this is also important to other users, please lets us know in this thread about your interest and tell us how long would you like it to be. And please also provide some information on use cases where you would need the longer data.



  • TomS
    TomS Posts: 2

    How about complete coverage for one month like before and in addition keeping the records of the earlier ones up to certain maximum amount, perhaps of total maximum of 100? If this is not feasible, perhaps complete coverage of something between two to 12 months.


    Rationale: Sometimes one month is not enough to get cases reported by PSB merged into longer lasting internal documentation. By covering longer time in PSB one would get a better idea of the overall situation with history directly from PSB (without the need to go through separate internal incident reports).



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