F-Secure Key Voucher does not work

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I had 3 month F-Secure Key subscription earlier and everything went perfectly. Now I have purchased 2 year Premium subscription today but voucher doesn't work. I tried to enter the code but "redeem"-button just goes gray and nothing happens.



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    Hello ,


    The problem has now been identified. This happens when user is having very old ticket in the system and because of that, when decoding ticket information, application failed to extract voucher code. When user put new voucher and try to submit, application should check if this voucher has been used already, but it cannot do it and failed.


    While we are working on a fix, please follow the instructions below:


    1. Export passwords to a file
    2. Remove local storage (remove the whole folder, %LOCALAPPDATA%\F-Secure\Pwmgr, KEY application should be completely closed). NOTE! Your passwords will get lost so make sure that the exported file in 1 is safely stored.
    3. Run KEY and set up new master password. After that import passwords from file
    4. Put the voucher code
    5. Generate sync code on this device and connect other devices


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