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I purchased F-Secure last year and am very happy with it... well until now, my fault I know, but I am finally upgrading my computer this week and want of course to install F-Secure on my new machine, but sadly despite a big search I cannot find my activation code or reference or whatever it's correct name may be - I called F-Secure and was pointed to this forum - though how someone here could tell me my code I am at a loss to understand - can anyone help?


I have a user id and device id from my current software - would this help?


Thank You


  • gll
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    I have changed computers I do not have my #. purchased your services about a 1/1/2 years ago. It was a life time membership and you have sent me a e-mail say it would be up in 2021. I need this cleared up today because my trail time is up and I jkust cannot find the acc.#

  • Frencheek
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    I am in a similar situation. 


    1. I have a F-Secure Key Premium Subscription, automatically renewed every year

    2. Resetted my computer

    3. Reinstalled F-Secure Key 

    4. Now, I want to connect my other devices. They ask me to buy a new Premium Subscription to get the codes. 


    Who has a solution ?

    Thanks for your help ! 


  • Steveg
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    JUst to let you guys know, and anyone else in the same situation - my problem has now been solved with the kind help of a chap from F-Secure named Harri (correct spelling) - he foiund me after I posted my problem on the -Secuire Facebook page - after that he provided an excellent service.


    Good luck to any of you who may be experiencing the same problem



  • Ben
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    Thank you @Steveg for the update, and sorry for the bad experience. 


    @Frencheek, I sent you a private message to try resolving this issue as well.


    @gll I am not aware of such life time  menbership offers. Could you confirm that it was meant for our Key product and where did you purchase such license?

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