Updated to 3.0.112 (free version) and lost all passwords

Yesterday I updated on Windows my free version to 3.0.112. Update was ok, but no previous passwords could be found.  I was able to login to new version. What shall I do now ?


  • dukavi
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    Can you send a log file to us?

    It is C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\F-Secure\Pwmgr\Pwmgr.log.

    You may send it by email to [email protected]

  • uc67
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    I have exactly the same problem. The passwords flash for a second and the next thing Key does is starting from scratch... 


    Very frustrating. 

  • etomcat
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    Why do we need manual download and installation? Why doesn't the FSC Key upgrade work like in Firefox web browser? (Check Help / About, new version download starts and update auto-installs, on completion software re-starts itself and voila, all open pages back up again.)


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher.

  • Ukko
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    If you have experience.. that for a second your passwords are visible.

    Probably it's related with my experience. Which was about Windows client and with strange points around.


    Can you to check next steps after launch a F-Secure Key with current stuck:


    -> What will be if you use "Lock" feature under Settings menu and re-login/enter to Key?!

    Does your passwords goes be normally visible and all work as should be?!


    And when you have "trouble"-view.. does it also mean.. that you not able to create new passwords (as example). If yes.. it's also related with my experience.

    And I have just temporary workaround for Windows client... how to normally enter to Key and get normal "view" from first.

  • harrim
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    I  used "Lock" feature  and re-logged in. All my passwords are visible !!! 

    And I was able to add new passwords, too ! It seems to work again!


    I have version 3.0.115


    Thanks ! 

  • Ukko
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    If you have 3.0.115 (version - if it's not a mistake) - maybe you get an update already?! And it's goes to fix situation also (?!).

    If not.. maybe trouble still there.. and "workaround" also work for you too.


    My experience was about 3.0.112 (and not check it.. if there comes updates, but installer as new download still with 3.0.112).


    Anyway.. with my experience and 3.0.112 current workaround with "Lock" feature and re-logged in.. was (and will be)  just for "one session".

    Such as.. next "clean" launch (after shutdown key) will be with "previous" trouble. And need again create steps with "Lock"->"Re-entering".


    But basically.. it's more nice, than just not available to get normal view of Key and passwords (except one point, which can be as total workaround).



    "Total" workaround for me was next (for Windows client):


    --> when you add your master-password you have to use "Enter" (as keyboard-action) for entering.

    Such as.. it's can be that... "Enter" by keyboard will be not work. And nothing to happened.

    And with current situation - you have to use "Lock" and re-logged in again.

    But if "Enter" by keyboard will be work... you probably should to get "normal" view for Key from first.


    --> just because... when I "enter" to Key by "mouse" (or touch-pad) for Key-picture after added a master-password. I get a "stuck".


    But it's just temporary workaround.... when I able to use "Enter" by keyboard (in somewhat reason.. it's not always work).

    Also.. probably there can be visible potentially trouble reasons for current behavior, but I not sure.. because not really friendly with some of development or technologies things.



    Sorry for reply.

  • harrim
    harrim Posts: 5



    I have updated to version 3.0.115.

    But the previous problem still exists when I shutdown the application. 

    But passwords was again visible when doing "Lock" and "Re-login".

  • Ukko
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    For me work next steps (with same description - when "previous trouble" comes back after shutdown Key, but Lock/Re-Login fix this always; And for Windows client/laptop) also:


    -> When I add master-password for form... usually I can to use mouse as "entering" for Logo-picture;

    With current design always will be (?!) trouble-stuck.


    -> But if I use "Enter" (by keyboard) as "entering"-action after added master-password for form - all goes be normal.

    Such as.. if it's available to use "Enter" (time to time.. it's goes to be unfocused!?) - enter by that step.. will be as reason for normal loading F-Secure Key from first (or... just passwords comes from first :) but something else was wrong).


    Such as.. you able to try this too.

    Add master-password and "Enter" by keyboard. It will be already with normal view for passwords (it's can be helpful.. after first Lock/Re-login and with all next launches after shut down Key. Or maybe work from first).

    If you also will use "entering" by mouse or touch pad (or something same if it's can be related with desktop) and with my experience it's was part of "repeating" trouble.


    Sorry for long reply. Smiley Sad

  • harrim
    harrim Posts: 5

    The newest version 3.1.112 works now by using a mouse or touch pad!  Great Smiley Happy

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