F-Secure Policy Manager 11.x List of logs & logging

1. I like to request for the list of logs which is available and their respective description.

2. Does F-Secure log which user handle a specific alert? E.g. we want to know which user handled which alert.


  • Buta
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    Hello hangman,


    You can find information on log location and their usage in F-Secure Policy Manager Administrator's Guide (https://download.f-secure.com/corpro/pm/current/fspm-11.30-adminguide-eng.pdf)
    As for your second question, unfortunately there is no recording on who acknowledges an alert.


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  • Chu
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    Good morning!


    You can find some log files in the Policy Manager Server for Windows:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\Management Server 5\logs


    If you are using Policy Manager Server for Linux:

    FSAUA: /var/opt/f-secure/fsaua/fsaua.log

    FSPMS: /var/opt/f-secure/fspms/logs


    Also you can send the logs to a syslog if you want.


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    Roberto Chu

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