Reinstall on smartphone doesn't retrieve previous passwords

MGK Posts: 3

Hi there,


My phone randomly reset to factory settings (Android Galaxy S4 on Lolipop), and after reinstalling Key, it made me create a new master password and doesn't show any of my previous stored passwords.


How do I get it to recognize that it's on the same phone and retrieve all my stored passwords? 




  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello MGK,


    Did you try to sync your android device with your other devices?

  • MGK
    MGK Posts: 3
    Hi Ben

    I only have it on my android, using the free version of key.
  • MGK
    MGK Posts: 3

    Seems less than ideal that I need to re-create all my passwords and upgrade to premium, but thanks for the feedback. 

  • @Ben wrote:

    Hello MGK,


    Unfortunately if you had F-Secure KEY on a single mobile device, your KEY data was only stored on that device. 


    Therefore a factory reset would delete all the KEY data from your device and the passwords could not be recovered.


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