F-Secure Key, Android version. Restoring a backup - lost all data??



I'm using F-Secure Key, Android version. The free one, in case it matters.

I've got an Android, Sony Xperia Z3, running Lollipop.

Today my phone went into a repeated restart loop, which forced me to reflash the software. I could not take a backup of the phone, but I had a backup from about a month ago (taken with Sony's PC Companion program).


After reflashing the software and restoring the complete backup, I went to google play store, fetched the F-Secure Key program and installed it. But it doesn't find any passwords, it just starts a blank password vault.


Can someone help me? I've got tons of passwords there and I assumed that the F-Secure key stores them so that a backup does actually back the password file up. Please tell me it is so?



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    Ok, found an answer and thought I'll share it here.

    1. Yes, the Sony PC Companion does backup also the F-secure key files. The location still eludes me a bit but at least under Android-->Data-->com.fsecure.key had a file in my backup

    (the backup file created by Sonly PC Companion can be opened and browsed with WinRAR)


    2. The Sony PC Companion doesn't restore your F-secure key datafile if you don't have the F-Secure key application installed first. Thus after reflashing, you have to FIRST install all the apps you want to use and THEN restore the backup.


    3. With Sony PC Companion, in order to restore application-specific data you have to separately go to "other" items when restoring a backup, and even then when you select the items on the list (which is a mile long), the one which has the com.fsecure.key has to be opened up and the items within have to be separately checked if you wish to restore them to the device.


    Thus, problem was with Sony's PC Companion, and how it treats the backup (doesn't restore items if you don't have the app installed, and even then doesn't restore app data unless you manually select it frist and it's fairly well hidden in the file structure under "other").

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