F-Secure Key, Android version. Restoring a backup - lost all data??



I'm using F-Secure Key, Android version. The free one, in case it matters.

I've got an Android, Sony Xperia Z3, running Lollipop.

Today my phone went into a repeated restart loop, which forced me to reflash the software. I could not take a backup of the phone, but I had a backup from about a month ago (taken with Sony's PC Companion program).


After reflashing the software and restoring the complete backup, I went to google play store, fetched the F-Secure Key program and installed it. But it doesn't find any passwords, it just starts a blank password vault.


Can someone help me? I've got tons of passwords there and I assumed that the F-Secure key stores them so that a backup does actually back the password file up. Please tell me it is so?




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