Policy Manager Web Reporting https access cert error

When trying to access Web Reporting by browser (firefox 37 or IE), i get certificate error: in IE certificate signed for another page (ability to enter page after confirmation), in firefox there is no possibility to access Web Reporting error:Secure Connection Failed


Is any possibility to recreate certificate for Web Reporting after instalation, or any other solution of this problem?


PMS run on SLES linux, version 11.31.60662




  • Vad
    Vad Posts: 1,089 F-Secure Employee

    Hi coyote,


    We've recently published a hotfix for this issue:


    F-Secure Policy Manager for Linux 11.30-11.31 Hotfix 2


    Best regards,


  • coyote
    coyote Posts: 7

    Thanks for hotfix,


    but one more thing,

    in hotfix documentation file 'fspms.keystore' is located in '/opt/f-secure/fspms/config/'

    in my standard instalation it is in '/opt/f-secure/fspms/config/jetty/'


    with this correction hotfix work with Firefox 37.




  • Buta
    Buta Posts: 12

    Hi coyote,


    Thanks for catching this. Hotfix documentation is updated now with the correct path.


    Best regards,


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