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Very disappointed with the F Secure Key product. The fields in the set up process don't match the log on fields on the sites you are trying to save the passwords for. For example one of my sites asks for Personnel ID number and then a Passcode and Registration number. The F Secure template only lets you enter a User Name and Password. So when I go to that site I still have to enter my details manually. 


Another gripe is that you cannot Copy and Paste the URL for the sites you want to save from your browser into F Secure, you have to type them in manually. When you see the length of some URLs for the log on pages you wonder what is the point of using the package.


I personally cannot see an advantage to using the product.



  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,351 Superuser



    Sorry for reply.

    About URLs: which version of F-Secure Key you use?

    Such as with desktops.. should be work something sa "Ctrl+C" -> "Ctrl+V" and it should be work for links too?!


    About your first point... it was same dreams under community. And was explanation.. that F-Secure Key "will try to do something about this", but probably it's still with "thinking".

    But some of "not default" settings about "forms"... Key able to fill.



    Later added:

    Also.. if it's about Windows client (not sure.. how it can be with other platforms), but there available (?!) hotkeys for fill-action.

    Such as:

    CTRL+F2 -> +CTRL -> choose_entry ->  Will be just "password"-fill action;

    CTRL+F2 -> +Shift  -> choose entry   -> Will be just "username"-fill action;


    And some other.. for terminals (as example). With "tab" between password/username".

    It's can be helpful.. when you should not to add your credentials totally by manual-steps.

    But fill it.. not just from one time.

  • Alan56
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    Ukko - thanks for your response and suggestions but I am really not impressed with the product and will be un-installing it.

  • dukavi
    dukavi Posts: 115 F-Secure Employee

    You may click the icon at the password entry to navigate to URL you have specified and you don't need to copy it.

    For most of the cases it is enough to have username/password pair, additional information may be stored in Notes field.

    Anyway, if there will be many user requests for additional fields, we can do that too in the future.

  • Jassu
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    Multiple fields could be really nice feature, because many sites or services have multiple passwords or pin-codes for login. Also you can have multiple accounts (Private and business) on one website.


    Clicking the URL-logo opens the site with default browser, however it would be nice to get url to clipboard because you might want to use another browser, or example browsers incognito mode etc.

  • dukavi
    dukavi Posts: 115 F-Secure Employee

    URL field will be visible in password accordion view the next KEY releases (although not in upcoming release, scheduled for next week).

  • Jassu
    Jassu Posts: 43 Observer

    Nice to hear that new version is coming, hopefully that means also update for the non-working Android-version.

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