Android upgrade from free to premium - KEY asking me to enter a new master password

Hi this is what happened


1-Been using key free version in Android for about 6 months

2-upgraded today to a subscription

3-started key again 5 mins after buying the suscription in the same android device and it asked me to enter a new master password

4-Key wont let me login to see my passwords.


Can you please help me, I don't want to lose my passwords and before you ask no I don't have a master recovery code and I shouldn't need it because what is crashing the application is me buying a license :/. before it was working perfectly fine 


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    Sorry for my reply.

    I decided to create this.. just because not sure.. how soon you can to receive normal help from F-Secure Key team (as example). Just there comes time around weekend... and it's can be with delay.


    I just want to ask some of next questions:


    -> Does it mean that you have just one device with F-Secure Key installed.

    And just one device with your current subscription?


    -> What will be if you login to F-Secure Key, when network connection will be disabled under your device?

    Do you able to get "export" data (as some kind of backup for your entries)?


    -> Does you have experience with type "new password" as your previous one password?


    Such as.. current prompt should be... just if you have connected devices (under your subscription) and passwords are different between them. 

    Just after buying a license-key (such as... add this as voucher?!) probably should not be any prompts (?!). Or maybe will be enough repeat your password else once time.

    I have not big experience about F-Secure Key and Android-devices....  but it was with "common" situation after a get license. Such as.. without something too much wrong.

    But if you have "connected" devices (with current subscription) and in any of them.. was another or re-changed master password.. it's can be a stuck.. if you not sure about master-password, which required there.


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    Clarifying more


    I bought the suscription because I wanted to sync my passwords with a new device.

    It shouldn't matter as I haven't been able to sync my passwords for the first time, I was going to but the app is asking me to enter a new master password in my original device after buying the suscription.


    I enter a new Master Password and the application is stuck in the new master password screen It doesn't let me go further 


    So the Sequence was

    Free version (working normally) -> buy subscription -> Stuck at  Welcome to KEY screen (enter a master password)



  • Ceg
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    After buying the subscription this is the screen that I get




    I try to enter a password and when I press get Started nothing happens





    I select Terms of Use and this is the screen that I get




    Needless to say that trying my old master password or my new master password doesn't work

  • Ukko
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    It's looks like for me... that after a buying subscription (?!).... something goes wrong with your user-data file (not sure.. how it stored under Android-devices. and not able to check it with any of android-devices now).

    Such as.. it was removed/uninstalled data of Key. Or it start be not possible to use.

    And your launch was just as a new one fresh... when your passwords goes be ?! missing already (?!) or just created another local-storage file as new profile (?!). Strange.. that your "get started"-action was ignored. but maybe it was overload and long delay. So.. if there does not be a "total stuck around"... possible your "new master password" (which you add and goes to 'term of use') should be work. But maybe it's comes with other variants. Such as not all characters. Maybe you will try to some of variants around your new password. Or just wait a official response from F-Secure Key team.

    Also maybe it's known trouble-point, but I does not remember something with totally same description (just things around, which probably can not be related with your steps/situations.. but....).

    Good if there something another. And F-Secure Key team will be available to fix it... without any troubles.


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