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Jassu Posts: 43 Observer

I have used KEy for 1 year, and now when the first years subscription expired it has been really hard to ge this work.


I have now installed a fresh copy of Key to my Windows 8.1 64 bit and purchased brand new 2 year license for it. Ok, this part is ok (if you dont look the expiry date -bug):




But when i try to connect my 2 android-devices to windows, it just keeps the "connecting"-notification on screen:




This will be on screen as long as you let it be - it wont connect as normally it would do. And yes, this happens with both androids.


I have uninstalled the software from android's and started also there with fresh install - won't help.


Android devices are : Samsung Note 4 & Samsung Note 10.1 2014 edition


Different internet connections have been tested - and like i said before renewing subscriptions i have used these devices over a year with Key.


  • dukavi
    dukavi Posts: 115 F-Secure Employee

    Do you have a possibility to install desktop client to another PC or Mac and try to sync two desktop clients?

    I am not sure where the problem is, if sync works between 2 desktop clients, then probably something wrong with Android client and we can look closer on it.

  • Jassu
    Jassu Posts: 43 Observer

    Yes, it seems to work between 2 windows-clients - but not with Androids.


    First time after new install (when windows-client was showing also correct expiry date) the sync worked also with android, but problem was that with second start the android device allways was stuck to splash screen when starting. I think this is related to sync-problem.


    When i reinstalled the android client and tried to sync passwords again, it was stuck to the screen i attached before.

  • Jassu
    Jassu Posts: 43 Observer

    I made more tests.


    1) Synced Key again with new Windows-install (Windows client -> windows client)-> works


    2) Took sync-code from that new desktop client and tried to sync android's with it (Windows client  -> Android) -> does not work


    It's quite strange because these 2 Android devices have worked like a charm past 1 year with my previous Key-license. Now when i installed a new license to desktops it seems that they can't connect.


    I have made totally new fresh installs to both android devices too, also cleared all caches and program data's from Androids side - no help.

  • Jassu
    Jassu Posts: 43 Observer

    Any news?

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