Bugs with renewing subscription

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I reported before, that theres a bug how key tells expiry date for you :




Well, the bug is still there but now also the software tells that the subscription is expired and sync's are disabled.


I went to your site and bought a new subscription voucher for 2 years, and like you can expect it is not working like a charm.


1. i put code to my mobile phone, ok - this seems to work because it tells after second try that i have already used this voucher.

2. I tried to give sync code (source: mobile) to my windows - not working

3. I uninstalled the whole key and also user data from windows, and made a fresh install for key

4. After that i gave the sync-code again and now passwords synced to windows - BUT software still tell that it is "KEY FREE". And every single time i start the software it tells that subsctiption is expired - but yes, it syncs the passwords.


I'm starting to get quite frustrated with this - you can contact me via private messages if you need masked informations...


I would really like to get this fixed, i have 6 devices using this.


  • Jassu
    Jassu Posts: 43 Observer

    Here are few screencaps about problem.


    After  first sync to fresh install, the windows-software tells:




    But still it also tells that it is not using my premium subscription:




    ... and yes, every single time i restart the program it asks me to renew the subscription:




    ... but it still syncs the paswords.

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