F-Secure Key Lost all my passwords!

Hi , so that's my problem
I installed the program and started to put my passwords in it .. But then i restarted the program , typed my master password and all the passwords were gone!! 
Please someone help me! i used the program to create 3 passwords too , and i cant change them because the site dont have Security questions.. Smiley Sad


  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Souza,


    Could you provide more information on your problem (version ,Operating System, etc...)?

    Did you simply restart the application, or the machine/device?


    Are you able reproduce that behavior by simply entering one password, saving it and restarting the application ?

  • Souza
    Souza Posts: 3
    So, the version is 2.5.104 and i havê something called "F-Secure Key: User Data" wich i installed it after i created all my passwords.. Could that be the problem? I'm afraid to uninstall it , i think it could definetly erase the data .. Im running it in a windows 7 ultimate x64 machine , i also have RAID0 running.. I restarted only the app .
    I couldn't reproduce the behavior , created random password , hit the block button , retyped master password and the password i created was still there!
  • Souza
    Souza Posts: 3
    Oh, and sorry for my bad english , i'm brazilian
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