False positive in F-Secure client security premium



A false positive is detected in my Chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/watoolkit/fedimamkpgiemhacbdhkkaihgofncola


I have reported the false positive in https://analysis.f-secure.com and uploaded the relevant file (id 75728). But I'm unsure what's the next step, are you going to check it manually? Do you need anything else by myself? I would like to fix this false positive as soon as possible. My extension has excellent reputation and this is causing me a lot of hassle.



  • Ben
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    Hello @cprcrack ,


    Do you still have the issue?

    Submitting the file to our lab is indeed the correct way to proceed.


    PS: I moved your post to the relevant board.

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply.

    Just about situation:


    How I can to understand.... detection was about background.js (?!) and it's already dropped.... but just goes to be under white-list?!


    I think.. if it's like that... and you don't have a response about your ticket...

    Maybe you should to think about potential point.. that any changes for current file (later) can be as a reason for new detection (again). But maybe it's not often can be with "updates" (?!) and it's not about your situation.


    Anyway - will be good.. if you will be with response by F-Secure Labs.

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