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I have been a subscriber to F-Secure Premium for a while and I have been using it succesfully on a iPad and a PC (Windows 8.1). Now I bought another PC (also Windows 8.1) and installed F-Secure Key to it. The installation went well and I logged in with the same password that I use in the other devices. Then I added the syncronisation code created on my iPad and that worked. However when I try to log in to F-Secure Key on the new PC nothing happens after I enter the password correctly (if it is entered wrong I get an error message). I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled twice and tried generating the syncronisation code also on the PC, but it has made no difference. It works fine as a stand alone without syncronisation with other devices untill I enter the syncronisation code.  The program works fine on the old devices.


  • Ben
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    Hello Ihu,


    I'll send you a private message to try to resolve this issue.

  • Ihu
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    I finally managed to solve the problem, and it took some trial and error. Here is what I did:

    1. Reinstall F-Secure KEY in the new PC

    2. Start it with the same master password as in the other devices

    3. Do not connect it with other devices yet

    4. Enter the promotional code provided by F-Secure by a private message to me in this forum to activate the premium subscription on the new device

    5. Connect the new device to the others normally.


    It seems that everyone having this problem has to write a separate post to the forum and then get a promotional code  privately as F-Secure does not support KEY over email nor phone.





  • osi
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    It seems I have a similar problem. Now after updating to a new version F-Secure key on the old one, I have two computers with F-Secure Key in catatonic state.

  • VK73
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    I have the same issue. Problems with W7 and W8 and all my Secure Safe provided keys have now locked and won't work with F-Secure Key.


    Can someone from F-Secure send me replacment keys?

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