Subscription expired - on a desktop, not in mobiles


I just bought new Premium code for 2 years. I entered that code in tablet.  Tablet and phone are synchronized, desktop windows version keep saying that subscription is expired. I even uninstalled Key and reinstalled it. Desktop version does not accept code generated by mobile device. Win7. 


  • DinoDino Posts: 5

    Same thing for me. Bought code for 2 years. Entered code in android phone and now trying to synchronize to different desktop windows. Windows version just saying "buy Premium code". If I try to enter code to windows version it says that code already used.


    Android phone version is telling also strange ending date for subscription: 46202-01-06?


    This is frustrating.

  • mikkohimikkohi Posts: 20

    Seem that KEY still sync passwords even it says that I have a free licence. Tested it, and sync works both ways from desktop to mobile and from mobile to desktop. Can't just make make new sync code  by desktop version an it is annoying when program keeps complaining buy,buy,buy.

  • JassuJassu Posts: 43 Observer

    I had same problem i support made a refund for my order and i bought it again.


    Now i added code to desktop-client, and it can sync between other desktops - but mobile devices (android) stuck when i put syncing code to those.


    Yes, this is really frustrating....

  • mikkohimikkohi Posts: 20

    Two weeks. No reply. Is there any support anymore?

  • JassuJassu Posts: 43 Observer

    I'm also quite surprised that the community is only support channel for paid Key users. 

  • DinoDino Posts: 5
    I got new voucher in pm on another topic. Syncing is working now. Android client has sane subscription end date. There is also new win version. Don't know is that one reason why it is working now.
  • dukavidukavi Posts: 113 F-Secure Employee

    New desktop version is now availbale, please install and see if problem still exists.

  • mikkohimikkohi Posts: 20

    New version did not change anything else than appearance. Same problem still exists. 

  • DavidMTSDavidMTS Posts: 3

    I've tried posting on another thread but no response yet so will try here too!  I have the same problem on both Windows and Mac installations of the desktop software. Subscription on iPhone software is still valid.


    Can an F-Secure support representative acknowledge my post?

  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello DavidMTS,


    We noticed your earlier post.

    This is a known issue are trying to resolve it globally. In the mean time I'll send you a private message to address it.

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