F-Secure Key Premium - master password lost, where can I get premium voucher code?



I forgot the master password and can´t use the Premium features anymore..


I already tried chat, the answer was:

Try the forum, we have no support for Key here Smiley Sad

I said that ok I will, answer was blunt "you do that" (..stupid customer, bothering us again)


Community has no answer or the search is unusable or I just can´t..

The closest I found was this thread, without a proper solution, if one doesn´t have voucher code



From the original and only email from F-Secure (the email I got when I bought Premium account for KEY) I didn´t find voucher code but I found a link for the support and from that site I found a link to a form that I filled and on the next day I got email saying we don´t support this product Smiley SadSmiley Sad  %&##¤¤!!!


The Premium account is unusable, but in the email it says it will be continuosly charged yearly... !"#¤&/!!!!! Smiley SadSmiley SadSmiley Sad


hours that I have spend on this so far is 4..


P.s. used to love F-Secure and promoted it for all of my friends and contacts on Facebook. Now Younited is American and Key is lost... :,(


  • Ben
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    Hello ITisRowley,


    Sorry to hear that you have a bad experience with our product.

    You can with our latest version retrieve your master Password by using the  QR code generated.


    I'll contact you by private message for further instructions.

  • I just received an email from F-Secure.


    "Did it solve your problem?

    Click here to view reply and mark one as an Accepted Solution.

    This helps others find helpful answers in the community too!"


    Now that you asked.

    I would like to help others so I reply, but won´t give Kudos to Ben.


    The problem wasn't solved, issue was.

    I don´t understand Ben´s reply:

    " You can with our latest version retrieve your master Password by using the  QR code generated"

    Can we?

    QR code generated?? Where and how???

    I have the latest version as far as I know????


    New voucher helped, of course, but one has to beg for it, altough paid for the product.. Not nice.

    Still no kind or best regards from the support, only blunt answers and telling people in public that there are "further instructions", but no there is not.

    Ben, can I post your private message or is it against some rules?


    My Premium is working now, but that is no help for others who might have the same problem.

    Now I am getting really worried about F-Secure´s products. If this is the standard of coding and problem solving you have how can I be sure it is not the same in the security side of your products?


    Another thing in my earlier post I said that "Younited is American"

    I think I give Kudos to miha from raising this up:



    P.s. Younited has one good thing, it found virus from one of my over 10 years old picture I have downloaded from internet ".jpeg". What was shocking to me is that why my F-Secure Client Security have not found that earlier? I had to scan that file individually after that it was cleaned (I sincerely hope so!). The problem is that I have the deepest automated scans scheduled weekly and as I value my security I also scan my whole computer from time to time (approx 4 times a year) but those scans did not find that Virus 8I. So either I just got that virus and it went for some reason straight to that picture or the F-Secure scan hasn't been working properly. I don´t have stamina or respect to go and check out this with F-Secure's arrogant support. I guess I go back to Linux...


    Best regards to anyone having these same issues! 

    Terveisin entinen erittäin onnellinen asiakas..

    Suomeksi sanottuna surkeaa palvelua!! Smiley Sad

  • Hi,


    I believe this issue is now partly solved.


    In iOS with iPhone the QR-code is under settings:

    Menu > Settings, and tap Create Recovery Code


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