FSC-2015-2: Path Traversal Vulnerability

Is the issue corrected if I download newest versions? We are upgrading versions at a customer site at the moment. WIll I need to push out hotfix after upgrading from 9,10 -> 11?



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  • VadVad Posts: 1,055 F-Secure Employee
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    The latest version of Client Security - 11.61 has the fix built in. If you'll upgrade to it, no need to install a hotfix.


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  • DmitriyDmitriy Posts: 212

    If you are upgrading to the version affected by the vulnerability, then yes, you should push the hotfix after upgrade.

  • JanneJanne Posts: 27

    Perfect, we went to CS 11.61. I will skip the hotfix them.


    What about Server Security? We upgraded to 11.01 but I already applied the hotfix for them.

  • VadVad Posts: 1,055 F-Secure Employee

    This is correct. Server Security 11.01 requires a hotfix.


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