F-Secure PSB workstations, Windows Firewall and Direct Access

We are deploying Microsofts Direct Access to enviroment where workstations use cloud managed F-Secure PSB Workstation Security 10.10. I've managed to configure F-Secures firewall so that Direct Access tunnel opens and I can use internal resources trough DA.


My problem atm is that PSB seems to disable Widows Firewall, which is mandatory for DA. In my testing if I disable F-Secure firewall, Windows firewall stays enabled trough reboot. If I enable F-Secure firewall, Windows Firewall is disabled after reboot. Any ways to keep both enabled? I cannot find any settings in management related to this.


  • VadVad Posts: 1,075 F-Secure Employee

    Hello mrobi,


    Unfortunately, the policy setting, responsible for disabling Windows firewall is visible in Full Profile editor mode only:



    Best regards,


  • mrobimrobi Posts: 3

    Hi Vad


    Thank you for the information. How can I access full profile editor?

  • VadVad Posts: 1,075 F-Secure Employee

    Please, contact support.

  • mrobimrobi Posts: 3

    I'll update the ticket. Opened it yesterday but so far got only automated response.

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