Key doesn't sync between android and pc & desktop client lags and crashes



I'm using F-Secure Key on my phone, tablet and three Windows PC's. Few days ago I noticed that it didn't sync my newly added passwords that I had added on my phone to PC's. So I did a test, added new entry on the desktop client and checked my other computer and my phone. It synced the test entry to another desktop client but not to my phone. I have tried installing both pc and android client again and removed/uninstalled user data too and then tried to connect devices both ways (I mean phone with passwords -> fresh desktop client install / fresh android install -> desktop client with passwords).


Also, the desktop client always starts to lag badly when synced, maybe because I have over 100+ password entries saved (it didn't lag before when I had like 50+ entries) but now it does and if I try to lock KEY or it does it itself it always crashes, I mean ALWAYS.


Please help me how to fix it, It's critical for me to have a reliable password manager solution and would like to continue using your product.



OS: Windows 8.1 Pro

Desktop Client version:  2.5.104



Model: HTC One M7

OS: Android 5.0.2

Android Client version: 2.2.3



Model: Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2

OS: 4.4.2

Android Client version: 2.2.3


EDIT: After more thorough testing, it seems that sync between PC's works both ways but in case of Android clients they can receive data but not send any. What to do? Also the "date" under "KEY PREMIUM" says "Valid until 13-04-46321" (Desktop) and "Päättymispäivä 46322-04-08" (Smartphone/Tablet). Why these are different? Also, my subscription renews 09.05.2015 so any of those dates doesn't match to that.

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