Just recieved email about recommending use of F-Secure commercial version instead of TP. Is it genui

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Just recieved this email today:


We are improving the KEY product releasing cycle, and therefore kindly suggest you start using the F-Secure KEY commercial version instead of the TP version. We encourage you to move to the F-Secure KEY commercial version straight away. We will start using the TP version for internal testing purposes only, and we cannot guarantee rapid fixes for possible daily use issues in the TP environment.

If you are using the F-Secure KEY TP version in your Windows or Mac computer, Android or iOS device, please do the following. Please go to Help -> About in the KEY app to check if you are using a TP version of KEY. The version name will be "TP" if you are using a Beta version.

1. Export your password data to a file in your Windows or Mac version of the KEY program.

2. Uninstall F-Secure KEY TP program and data from all your computers and devices. You can find uninstallation instructions from our Knowledge Base

3. Install F-Secure KEY production version on all your devices. You can find the installation packages and links from our product page. Note that you must have the commercial version on all you devices; the TP version and commercial version use different servers and the synchronization does not work between them.

4. Import the password data from the file to your Windows or Mac KEY program. We recommend that you then remove the file from your computer because it contains your passwords in clear text format.

5. Upgrade KEY to premium on one of the devices. Enter this special code XXXXXXXXXXXXXX in the application and you will enjoy KEY PREMIUM sync for the next 24 months.

6. Connect F-Secure KEY to your other devices from the one that is already premium. Connecting instructions you can find here.

In case you have any questions, you can contact the KEY team at password-manager-feedback(at)f-secure(dot)com.

 We hope that in the future your experience with F-Secure KEY will be even better. We definitely appreciate hearing your feedback and future development ideas for KEY in the future as well.

Harri Kiljander
F-Secure KEY team


I looked into the about section in my F-Secure TP. I cannot find it saying it's TP anywhere. Just says FS protection 15.2. If I do have to upgrade just how do I  ''Export your password data to a file in your Windows or Mac version of the KEY program''?





  • Ben
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    Hello @iMatt 


    This is genuine but is only meant for the Technology Preview  users of our product F-Secure KEY.


    If you do not use the TP version of this  product you can disregard this email.

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