Key premium valid until year 46243

Jassu Posts: 43 Observer

My Key Premium shows at bottom left corner :



Valid Until 16-03-46243


I don't mind getting forever license, but is that a bug?


Version 2.5.104 (most recent one)

Windows 8.1 64bit


  • Jassu
    Jassu Posts: 43 Observer

    Here's the screencap...key-capture.PNG

  • Chrissy
    Chrissy Posts: 438
    Quite the fortuitous bug you've found there Smiley Very Happy

    I'll escalate this to the development team, thanks for pointing it out!
  • Jassu
    Jassu Posts: 43 Observer

    Update to this:


    This is just a bug how the date is shown to user, because the subscription will expire no matter what there stands on the screen.


    I made a fresh install with new premium code. After activation the date was correct, but when the Key was restarted after reboot it's showing again :




    So it is not "fortuitous bug" - it's just annoying and confusing bug to user.

  • dukavi
    dukavi Posts: 115 F-Secure Employee
    This area has been refactored in a new desktop client (which is not yet published) as well as new UI applied.
    Beta version will be published soon (within a week).
    Although this problem probably won't gone, because it is server date, but at least newer version will have more debugging capabilities once you install it.
  • Jassu
    Jassu Posts: 43 Observer

    If it's a server's time -problem the fix should be quite trivial? As long it's a server related thing it can be fixed on your side.


    Is the beta-version going to be public?

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