How to retrieve master password in F-secure key

I forgot the master keyword and it seems there are no way to retrieve it (thru mail). As you see i really need this product :)


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    Hello redneck,


    Please refer to this article.

    "unfortunately F-Secure cannot restore your Key data for you."

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for reply, but it's looks like that with latest version of F-Secure Key (which already available some days - some kind of weeks maybe)... there have mechanism about "workarounds" for situation (as prevent-steps) with new things as "Recovery Codes" - but knowledge base (as example?!) maybe still without current information.


    Does it will be work with current design or it's just as "trial"-mode for mechanism?

    With my experience - mechanism work, but a little be funny design.


    OK, Sorry; I found now... that some days ago there already another version (with probably more big difference about version-number)... so maybe there already another situation. Not check it yet.

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    Latest versions of F-Secure KEY have a possibility to recovery master password using QR codes, but in order to create recovery image (QR code), you have to be able to login at least once.

    If you don’t have such a recovery image, then you cannot recovery master password.

  • Ukko
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    And probably it's same with steps... as.... "just save master-password"  as text-file or other variants (include any tips for remind about password for user by user)  to "place it" by user.

    But with more "important-status" and attention for users: "that it's better to do and there have variant to do that". And maybe more secure (?!).


    Anyway - I also mean... does current design (QR Codes) based on a lot of things?! Or enough local-storage file and picture with code for decrypt it and use it as "master password" for another device as example.

    And if it's not available.... what will be with reinstallation for system (as example) - if there have some of "point-under-QR"-based on "device/other" something specific ones.


    Sorry for reply.


  • Ukko
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     Stuck with wrong QR-codes (not a QR code).




    I also have one question about QR Codes:


    -> Can it's be that... F-Secure KEY UI will be with broken-view for QR-code under "related page"? And which steps required for that?


    Such as.. with one of devices.. I maybe get(/create) situation, when F-Secure KEY installation and part of QR-code-view comes with "not valid" status. There not a picture... just "something" and it's not available to use as QR-code (after saving). Also "new" re-change for master password not fix it (but I not check it more, than some tries).


    Also it's can be not interesting (for F-Secure Key team)... because:


    -> Happened with not supported (officially) platform by F-Secure Key;

    -> There have potentially some of steps (which can be as a reason for current stuck), but brief repeat partly of them.. does not create same result.


    Just a little be interesting....
    But does it possible to get current situation?! Or there something totally wrong?





  • Ukko
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    Thanks for response.

    With some of previous dreams.. I already get answers.

    About latest one question... Knowledgebase does not have description for that.


     Stuck with wrong QR-codes (not a QR code).

    But in fact.. it's not really a question. Just I ask next:


    -> I have F-Secure KEY intalled under one of devices, where installed and work outdated already Windows version. Also current version of Windows not supported by Key (officially).


    -> There was all OK with features. And QR-codes work normally and created.

    I did some of steps (potentially.. it's known for me yet; but partly-brief report about some of them.. does not create any same result). And result was (and now have) next:


    -> F-Secure KEY can not to create QR-Code. Such as during try to create it (as place, where it should be). There just place-holder. And button "save" work as "save" picture (just placeholder-picture) and not QR-Code.

    It's also not QR-Code and not able to use it as QR-code.


    -> Change master-password does not work. It's same stuck.


    I not tried to "reinstall" or re-fix installation and etc.


    And my ask.. just about... "how it can be and can be there any reasons for current stuck".

    Or there just local experience about "too much hard steps" and unsupported platform as a reason.

    So it's not possible to be as a trouble (and not sure.. maybe it's just goes to be fixed during reinstallation or update for new version).

    Decided to ask it.. if it's possible to track steps for repeat that and if there something wrong (as it's work not like should be).

    I just ask it.. because it's probably can not be interesting for F-Secure Key team - because happened under "not supported platform". And it's not sure.. that available to "stable"-reproduce under other platforms (or under current one).


    Sorry for hard explanation.

    And sorry for my reply.




  • Ukko
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    So... just because there was no answers or response about it (I mean two latest my replies... where I ask about "something wrong with QR-codes recovery mechanism as QR-codes does not created")... maybe it's not interesting for F-Secure Key team.


    Anyway... today I decided to check it again.. and do that more. So.. probably I get an explanation for situation. Potentially it's normal situation (?!) maybe.... but it will be work for supported platforms too (Windows modern versions as example) and can be during normal steps (or around normal, such as my first experience was about my "normal" steps and not related with dreams or steps, which I thought before). I not really friendly.. with technologies, development, computer-things and other. So I not sure... how it can be not a design, because maybe it's should be "known" and "as design". And answer for my previous ask  "does there have normal reasons for current behavior" - yes, there have normal reasons. But maybe it's not good for some specific situations.


    So... main reason with trouble-situation (which I originally met with one of devices).. it's that Master-password should be no more than sixty nine bytes. From 70 bytes (for master password) there will be total stuck for QR-codes create-action and QR-code does not created. Maybe there can be something also related around with current design.

    Probably long example-explanation:



    Potentially.. it's normal design.. and master password, which will be more than 70 bytes... not a common situations (also maybe I goes to wrong convert-points around bytes/text?! characters - sorry for that; I also create examples for "normal view").

    But originally.. for me.. it's can be totally common situation. I prefer to use F-Secure KEY just for desktops (such as supported mobile-platforms.. not really friendly for me and basically... I use other one, which not supported). So.. for master passwords.. I use a tricks, which totally nice and good (for me - as high strong password probably... and speedy login) for desktops. There can be a trouble for some of variants (about set up; or with mobile platforms), but it's not with my experience. So.. my master-password.. was "with current trick" and it was a reason for break QR-Code recovery picture. Because current (one of variants of trick) variant was more than 70 bytes.


    As explanation... and if F-Secure Key team anyway will be there.. and read this (or other variants)... situation will be to reproduce or there will be repeat-steps next one (it's not about my tricks for master-password - it's just as explanation and enough examples for get current 70bytes):


    About one-byte characters:

    ---> Re-change master password for next one ("!? how it normally called?! UTF-16 characters maybe or something around this?!") with characters (or there can be numbers/specific characters, which supported as default one probably)... 70-length. As example:

    -> swrljlkqjrksonmyvilesutowuetiotqrorwzuowiowwriznmbzcmsbzmasdjklrwvqsql
    -> protectionforallyourcomputerssmartphonesandtabletswithonesimplesolutio

    -> ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 

    or other "70-characters" passwords (just words, or words/numbers or other.. with default characters);


    About two-byte characters:

    ---> So... 70-characters for master-password.. a lot of.. and not likely.. that anyway will be use this (if do not use any tricks).

    But there can be addition points around. Such as.. with "not default" characters.. enough less characters for 70 bytes.

    So.. for reproduce situation enough next one variants (with Dansk, Norsk, Svenska, Suomi, Latvian, Lietuva normal characters as example). There one additional point. F-Secure Key "mechanism" about "how strong master password" does not understand not default characters (next words will be just not about "default one" - but about specific ones). And any of size.. for just "eesti-characters password" will be marked as "not secure and weak". Such as "õ" (repeat thirty times) will be marked as weak password. Maybe it's indeed like that.

    So there.. possible to get just "71bytes" probably. And it will be with "70bytes" of not default ones and else one default character. Or with less words "thirty five not default characters" (any variations of them) and else one default character. As example (from Suomi, Latvian, Lietuva characters as just explanation):

    -> ööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööö8

    -> ššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš8

    -> ēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēēē8

    or other  "35-specific-characters" and as addition: one default character"  (how I can to think.. it's enough less variant. and all other variants.. will be with more length. Just "small" variant with 35 specific characters probably will be always just "a random" characters. And it's not likely to use it.. if there does not have any tricks).


    So.. thirty-five random specific characters (not a default characters) hard to remember. And it's not always good for master-password - if there does not have any tricks.

    Yes, but there can be variants.. with "35-characters" words/phrases. And master-password for Bulgaria (? as example) not so fantastic thing. Probably it will be just a phrase around "I love bilberry and fried potatoes with onion" (and maybe it will be over-the-35 characters.. if delete spaces. With spaces.. probably there enough not a big phrase). And .etc


    About a little be more, than three-byte characters:

    ---> Not sure how it will be with Chinese, Japanese, Korean. But with just "a one" specific character... there will be enough twenty three characters. Such as... master-passwords on Chinese, Japanese, Korean will be just 23-character length. And of course... one "supported" character (or master-password will be a weak). There still a next point: with "spaces" - enough less characters for master-passphrase (such as "space" - work as "default" character. It's can be small words with spaces - which probably not hard to remember). But.. just "not spaces" and just "any" of default characters... as example.. so

    Something like that:

    -> 화랑화랑화랑화랑화랑화랑화랑화랑화랑화랑화랑화8 

    -> 花郎花郎花郎花郎花郎花郎花郎花郎花郎花郎花郎花8

    -> ファランファランファランファランファランファラ8


    Maybe it's also not likely situation.

    Same with passwords like that:

    -> ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺8


    Or with Greenlandic/Alaska characters (I mean something like that: /ᕗ).


    Maybe it's all.... not likely master-passwords.

    But in somewhat reasons. It's time to time can be a master-passphrase (such as.. Bulgarian or Korean users.. can to use master-password not about "default English characters" and will be just small master-passphrase with spaces... already more than 70 bytes).

    Or like it was with my original experience... enough just a "trick" for master-passwords. With not a lot of characters... there anyway was more than 70 bytes. And it's goes to break QR-code create-action.


    Sorry for current reply.


    I not sure.. that it's can be a trouble-point (because it's looks like.. that can be something known for developers, technicians or other related people.... and it always should be just as a part of design). But it was a small trouble-point with my experience (because a reason for situation was not known for me). So.. just because all of that - I decided to place it there. Such as.. understand why QR-codes not created (and why it's can be or how it to reproduce). Basically.. I still not sure.. that it's known for me.. why QR-codes does not created.. when master-password more than sixty nine bytes. Just start be visible a setting.. for reproduce it.

  • Ben
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    Hi Ukko, 


    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'll forward it to our developement team.

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