Real-time Protection Disconnected

I just noticed that my Real-time Protection Network says Disconnected.  The manual states, "If there are network problems or if your firewall blocks Real-time Protection Network traffic, the status is 'disconnected.'"  But I need more information, like the external address used, so I can track it down in the FW.  Or any other suggestions as to where to look would be helpful.


  • Ben
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    Hello Icarus,


    Please refer to this article for the list of IP addresses in use.

  • I've put all those IP ranges into the firewall and set them to monitor.  The only time they get hit is when PM checks for updates.  So my Real-time protection network is still disconnected.


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Real-time protection network is used to determine some authorization automation right?  For example, can the RTP determine application control and limit the number of popups a user sees?  Or is the RTP nothing more than sending F-Secure anonymous data?  If the later then I'll just turn off RTP and ignore it.  No point in wasting time on something that doesn't directly benefit the users.

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