key stopped working

I am a premium user of key. Yesterday I installed key on my SurfacePro 3 and reinstalled it on my win8.1 computer. Key does not sync. Luckily I still have my stuff on my Ipad. How to solve? Don't want to spend monet for nothing.

Any news regarding the product for Windows phone?



  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello @uc67 ,


    Did you follow this article for mobile and this one for desktop.

    Is it that the synching code are not working or once all the devices are premium, they don't sync their data together?


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  • uc67uc67 Posts: 14

    no luck. it tells me I am synchronized, but still free version and nothing is synced to my dektop device.

  • uc67uc67 Posts: 14

    Another observation on my Desktops (same happens with both of them) running windows 8.1. I cannot even get in the product. I am !00 certain I have the correct master password and once I have finished typing it it just halts. my IOS tablet tells me I have a premium account and I can see the passwords there. No luck syncing though.

  • uc67uc67 Posts: 14

    can you please check on this. having a new desktop machine, it is truly frustratingbas I need to renew practically every password I have.


    One word: Please!

  • uc67uc67 Posts: 14
    still radio silence. is this a known issue? my IOS Tablets are syncing fine. Win 8,1 seems to be a majpr problem, because application halts when giving a proper password
  • dukavidukavi Posts: 113 F-Secure Employee

    As I understood it right, you have 2 problems:

    1. Cannot login into desktop client


    2. Cannot sync desktop client


    I suppose the very first problem is not always reproducible. It might be related to slow login and this problem should be fixed in latest KEY version (2.1.111). Second problem requires closer look, but let's try to fix login problem first. Please, install latest KEY version and check if problem still exists.

  • uc67uc67 Posts: 14

    I have the latest version installed. I could not sync the data so I did import function (I am able to login once) After I close the application it freezes. happens with both desktop devices I am running the latest version of Key. I have an old desktop that runs the earlier version of Key and that one is working as it is supposed to. The new versions both tellminitially that they are synced, but in reality are not. they claim to be stand alone (free version). and as said after closing the app it freezes after giving proper master password. in other words after reopening the app. see below.



  • dukavidukavi Posts: 113 F-Secure Employee

    It is diffcult to say what exactly went wrong (without log files).
    Maybe you can try to remove KEY completly (including User Data), then install it again and then sync your data. If problem still exists, then logs have to be collected and sent for investigation.

  • uc67uc67 Posts: 14

    Donenthat multiple times.mWherebcan Imfind the log files and wherebdomImsend them?

  • dukavidukavi Posts: 113 F-Secure Employee

    Typically, you have to go to Help->About and then click for five times on version string. After that you will be suggested to send logs automatically.
    But, if I understood it right, you cannot login and thus, cannot send logs automatically. Technically, you can collect logs manually and send them to us, but it may require following special procedures (just to keep your privacy).

    And BTW, if you:

    1. Close F-Secure KEY
    2. Remove the content of the folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\F-Secure\Pwmgr (this will remove local storage and all unsynchronized passwords will be lost)
    3. Run F-Secure KEY
    4. Put master password
    5. Generate synchronization code on other device
    6. Insert generated code
    7. Go to Help->About and click 5 times on version string
    8. You will see the code that have to be sent to us
  • uc67uc67 Posts: 14
    thanks for the help so far. if you need the code, it is

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  • uc67uc67 Posts: 14
    any news on how to proceed?
  • dukavidukavi Posts: 113 F-Secure Employee

    When you have cleaned up local storage and re-synced,  what kind of problems still left?


    Can you login? Can you synchronize data?


  • uc67uc67 Posts: 14

    still no luck. once removed the key data I am able to log in and 'sync' and the applivation tells me my devices are synced. however they are not. see belowCapture.PNG


    after closing key andbreopening it I get stuck on this screen (100% sure the pw is correct)



    does not respond to <enter> or clicking the key icon. so I am stuck

  • dukavidukavi Posts: 113 F-Secure Employee

    Has you voucher been expired?


    Please, contact us via email: password-manager-feedback(AT)f-secure(DOT)com

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