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I've imported passpords from another password manager. But this has caused many many entries to be duplicated in my list.
What I need to do is to either remove duplications automatically or be able to remove all records and import a clean list again.
Can someone please help?


  • Ukko
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    Probably there available just "to remove all records" and import file again.


    For "cleaning/remove" User Data (all entries) should be work next steps:


    -> Windows Control Panel about "Uninstall/Install software".

    -> There should be two strings about F-Secure Key:   "F-Secure Key" and "F-Secure Key: User Data".

    -> With uninstallation just "User Data"... will be cleaning for your localstorage-file and next launch of Key will be as "clean start", where you again available to create main-password and etc.

    -> After that... just again trying to use import file.



    Uninstallation (as example) and manual removing for localstorage-file maybe also can be with same result, but can be with more "steps" (a little be). If you already have there new passwords (it' will be removed too) with all of variants.


    Sorry if it's will be not helpful.

  • Thanks for the reply. It's good to know.

    but I dont have it installed on a windows machine. I have it on iphone, ipad and mac.
  • Ukko
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    Probably it's will be same steps anyway.  How I remember about my experience with Key and Android (for example).

    Or... something, which can be typical for cleaning "application's storage-files" under platform.

    Sorry for reply again.

  • Thanks for the reply again, 


    I tried installing it on a windows machine and did what you said. But the result was not what I wanted. by removing that data file, the Key looks like a new installation. Then I had to enter the sync code to make sure it's being synced to my other devices and once I do this it gets the noisy list from other devices again Smiley Sad 


    Looks like mighty F-secure doesnt have a solution for such a small issue and that puts me off. I really liked to have a cross platform password manager. But with such an unmature product doesnt look like F-Secure Key is the one I wanted. 

  • Ukko
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    Yes, but my words was about Windows.. because I thought that... there question about windows-machine (as example) and just about one device... Sorry about that Smiley Sad that it's take your time for reading and trying.



    And it's mean.. that "steps" for Windows can be valid.. just if there "situation happened" under current platform.


    With your situation, where:


    -> You have multi-devices (and not about Windows as first experience);

    -> Premium-subscription....


    can be troubles (for my opinion) and maybe need to wait response by F-Secure Key team.


    There I mean next:


    -> With your experience...  Windows-machines comes as "new device". It's mean - you connect it with your previous devices. And it's always will be "synced" with other devices and get "entries" from another devices.

    And with another variants too (when your Account ID will be "same" between another ones). All devices will be re-synced and should be as "one same variant".


    -> And for normally getting experience about "re-start"... you should to remove "data file" from all devices.

    And under one of them created new one and sync it with another.

    BUT.... there goes be dropped Premium-subscription. And it's not a good point.


    So.. probably there stuck-situation (?!).


    I have experience about same situation, but it was about windows-machines.. and it was with "small" doubled-situation.. So I removed all double-entries manually... 

    And was same experience about another machines, which not synced between something. So... there was not so hard... to "remove" data-file and re-start it as clean installation. Because there not synced with something.



  • not at all. thanks a lot for your time anyway
  • and btw, I started using 1password and it looks all great. that looks like what i was looking for
  • Ukko
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    Probably all of "modern and famous" password managers can be around "normal solutions".

    And solution, which created more time... have more good points.


    I can to use F-Secure Key (and probably on current time .... it's just one password manage, which I can to use... or want to use), because I can to trust for current realization and company (as people, as company.. and etc.). And enough good features for my dreams. :)

    Other password managers for me.... looks more strange, than F-Secure Key (a little bit, but enough for current my feelings).

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