All devices does not synchronise the stored passwords



I ended up creating a new account, since was not accessible to my old account in all devices. Removed the old apps on all devices (samsung & sony mobile, samsung tablet and macbook pro). And installed the new ones from Play store. Created a new account with my samsung mobile phone, stored the passwords there. Then connected the account into all my devices, that was successfull, I had no problems.


But now I am accessible to all my password data only in the Samsung mobile, and the other devices (sony phone, samsung tablet & macbook pro) are displaying only few (5 to be exact) of the stored passwords. What's the problem? How to get the password collection all to my devices? 


  • Chrissy
    Chrissy Posts: 438
    Hey muusa,

    just to follow-up on this old thread, did you find a way to access all your passwords on all your devices, or do you still need advice/troubleshooting?
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