Hantering av prenumerationer

Var hanterar jag mina KEY prenumerationer?

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    Subscriptions made through desktop, should be in the coming months  handled as vouchers and therefore not auto-renewing. Once the subscription expires, it should then become free version.



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    Hello Anyman2,


    Sorry but our community is currently not localized in Swedish. Could you please repost your question  in English so that the greatest number can assist you?


    You should be able to see the Key subscription information on your related account (Google account or Apple  account).

  • Where I find my F-Secure Key subscriptions? Now are my subscriptions in automatic payment method. I will have this manually.


    T. Andreas

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    On which plateform(device) did you subscibe to F-Secure KEY Premium?

  • My computer. Windows 8.1

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