How to uninstall Key (free version) permanently?

I'm a long term Lastpass user who wanted to take a look at Key, F-secure having rather good reputation in security software. Nevertheless I was uncomfortable with Key, which for example is unable to import Lastpass passwords, which I have plenty. Tried to remove the Key with Total Uninstaller couple of times, which seemed to work fine first, but restarting Windows brings Key back everytime. How to uninstall Key properly for good?

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    Windows Control Panel - part about Uninstall or change a program;


    Search there F-Secure Key -> right-click or other step... and "remove it".


    For removing application as (clean uninstall) need to choose "F-Secure Key _Version_"


    As additional available to remove your entries-storage (User Data/localstorage file) with next string: "F-Secure Key: User Data"



    As workaround:

    Current tool will be as "removal tool" for F-Secure Key too (but if you using F-Secure AV or F-Secure IS as security software... it will be removed too). And if you have just F-Secure Key (by F-Secure) - so it's can be as trick.. if your situation with stuck about default steps. And if "Uninstallation Tool"'s behavior without changes.



    It was for Windows platform.

    For something else... maybe can be information with Knowledge Base:

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