Lastst Database Updates Webpage "Removed" means

The following URL is the latest database information

I don't know why too many "Removed Detection" EVERYDAY?

Is it means the "False Alarm"  for F-Secure Product? 


  • Dear etomcat :


    Thanks for your reply.

    Fingerprint-based virus detection is using "file hash" ?

    I think the modern detection should be using "behavior analysis"  to improve fingerprint based detection.

    if I change 1 bit for the virus file hash will be change.


    I really suggest F-Secure change "virus idenity name" from number to "Virus Name"

    ex : Gen:Variant.Kazy.522675

    because the number is hard to trace and remember.


  • etomcat
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    > I think the modern detection should be using "behavior analysis"


    Please remember that F-Secure is a multi-engined protection software:


    Deepguard generation 5 (soon gen6) is the system / program behaviour based control and protection, combined with Cloud technology.


    Gemini is a 32-bit heuristic virus scanning engine.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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