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Hello, can't find how to transfer f-secure to new copmputer. I mean, i know need to download  program,  but then how to disable subscription on old computer and start&continue on the new one? 


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    Sorry for question..


    Does you just F-Secure IS or F-Secure AV (because your topic created under F-Secure Key part of community; And it's Password Manager by F-Secure; Where transfer can be as premium-feature with sync-points; Or with manual localstorage, but with uninstallation under previous device for prevent stuck-points)?


    About F-Secure IS or AV....  if you have next situation:


    -> Active previous computer with F-Secure Installation.

    -> New one computer, where you want to install F-Secure.


    If you have just one device license. So there can be next steps:


    -> Uninstallation by Control Panel (Windows) as default process. For F-Secure.

    -> After that... you maybe can to use F-Secure Uninstallation Tool -

    If during default uninstallation process something goes wrong. Or simply.. for double-check.


    After that steps.. your license should be "disabled" on previous computer. Such as.. it was "not in use".

    And with new installation for new computer... you will be such as "re-activate" license, which "not in use".

    You should be with "known information" about your License-Code-Key (it's important).


    Also.. potentially... you can to do just next things from first:


    -> Start installation for new computer. And during installation (after adding your license-key-code) you will be prompted about "all licenses in use / expired". So also it's should be with option about "Re-use one of them".

    And it's will be as automatic disabled for previous computer and activated for new computer.

    License date-expired will be "continue" (such as.. it's related just.. with number of activations; if your license for one device. It should be with "in use"-status per one device).


    Sorry for my long reply.

    Does you mean something about current points?

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