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I bought Premium from Windows Key 2 software with Visa. I got mail without Premium subscription code. I ordered it 11.12.2014 and my ordernumber is Tilausnumero: XXXXXXXXXX. I used same name and email what i use here (Community).

So how is Premium delivered to me if not via E-mail?





  • AGA1
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    One thing more. Order configmation included customer number, email, generated password. But for what site? Site where I can turn automatic renewal off? Where can I turn that off?


    At the end, there was short mention about Costumer Service. In Finnish


    Jos sinulla on kysyttävää tilauksestasi, maksusta tai toimituksesta, tutustu FAQ-sivuumme osoitteessa:


    But NO SITE link!

    Please respond faster! How to activate Key Premium -> no code after Windows shopping from "F-Secure Internatio​nal Online Shop". Order Confirmation Email is incomplete...

  • AGA1
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    Suomeksi. Ostin windows ohjelman kautta premiumin, mutta en saanut postissa koodia eikä ohjelma itsestään muuttunut premiuksi. Tilausvahvistus tuli postiin, jossa oli mm. Joku salasana ja asiakasnumero. Siitä ei ole mitään hyötyä nyt. Mm postin asiakaspalvelu kohta oli puutteellinen, siitä puuttui linkki kokonaan. Mihin sitä salasanaa käytetään? Missä sivulla voin poistaa automaattisen tilauksen uusiutumisen? Miten Premium minulle ns. Annetaan kun postissa ei tullut tilauskoodia. Epäilen että tämän foorumin kautta saan hoitaa asiaani koko kk tai vastaukseksi että syötä koodi ohjelmaan... En saanut sellaista vaikka maksoin jo!
  • AGA1
    AGA1 Posts: 7

    This same issue is here.

  = F-Secure International Online Shop


    Order confirmation with no code and software/app does not turn to premium. Darek and AGA1 needs working code. 

  email and order process needs to be checked to deliver working code!

  • AGA1
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    What takes so long to respond something? Like "we are looking into your order information" or "send some more information".


    I send logs from the Windows Key software. Code for that was:

    cabbage doctor tomato father


    I am considering my Key Premium subscription order cancellation and pushing credit card company on you if i see any 14-15€ charge on my bill. That's easy. I just refuse to pay one line on my bill and write one email where i tell the bank i did not get product (Key Premium) delivery. This is turning into bad deal if i dont get 12 kk and possibilyty to cancel automatic renewall of subscription... I'm sorry, but 15€ is big money for some people when they get nothing in return.

  • Ben
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    Hello AGA1,


    Sorry for the radio silence. I forwarded your request to the people managing F-Secure Key in order to clarify what could have gone wrong with your order.

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Following an upgrade on our side, there seems to be some issue with our in-app purchasing process in some cases. 


    Our teams are working on a resolution. 


    We managed to trace your order so I'll contact you by Private Message to provide you with replacement voucher.

  • AGA1
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    Part 1 solved, i have premium. Order confirmation:

    1 F-Secure Key Premium -tilaus
    Synkronointi - 12 kuukautta (automaattinen uusinta)
    Mac OS X, Windows 7, Windows 8
    Tilaus €14,49

    How to cancel automatic renewal?
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