Policy Manager Virus definitions out of date



I have recently installed a fresh Policy manager using 11.10.49586.  I am just testing at the moment before moving all 700 clients from our our policy manager.  I have one client which seems to be collecting its updates from Fsecure as the policy manager's Virus, Spyware and Deepguards updates all say N/A.


I have left the server running for over 2 days and these updates/definaitions do not seem to be changing.


Is there a way to force the server to update its definaitions?






  • Ben
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    You can always run the fsdbupdate on the impacted client.

  • Hi,


    The clients AV seems to be up to date - if i select summary for the computer the sections under "virus protection for workstations" is recent: 2014-12-09_04 .


    Its the AV definations on the policy manager - all of them say N/A in RED.


    Any ideas?


    I can hit the internet on the computer so no problems there.





  • Thanks that's worked.
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