Scheduled scaning task configuration via PSB profile editor


I would like to set up scheduled scaning task in PSB  but I haven't find no instruction how to do it, so i looked back to PMC in advanced view and find some instructions.

I put /t01:00 /b2014-12-09 /rweekly /s6 in Scheduling Parameters and Scan Type = Scan Local Drives

but on servers Scheduled scaning isn't turning on and every fild is grayed out.

What I'm doing wrong, how to enable schedul in PSB profile?

Thanks fro help.

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  • pluti
    pluti Posts: 14

    I looked in Windows Schedul and I find my tasks, but when I take properties in Win2k3 I get en error 0x8007000d






    in 2008R2 server task looks ok

  • Chu
    Chu Posts: 49

    Scheduled Scanning in PSB profile only is avaible in complete mode (not avaible in simple mode).

    In the complete mode you can schedule the scan.


    If you cant access the complete mode, you need ask to your reseller (or open a support ticket) to avaible this mode to you.


  • pluti
    pluti Posts: 14

    Hi Chu,

    in my simple view is avaible scheduled scaning task


    but I don't kwon how to use it. What does "Task Type Specyfic Parameters" and why in my Windows  Server 2003 created by PSB job is faulty?

  • Chu
    Chu Posts: 49
    So this feature is avaible in the last update. The last time I try use the schedule, for me this feature just show in the complete mode, not avaible in the simple view.
  • Chu
    Chu Posts: 49

    Are you tried craete another task in the schedule task to test? Just to check if the issue not in the scheduler task.


    I created a scan task here and works fine.


    Program scrippt:

    E:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\Anti-Virus\fsav.exe


    /HARD /POLICY /SCHED /NOBREAK /REPORT="E:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\Anti-Virus\report.txt"

    Directory where start:

    E:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\Anti-Virus


    I suggest to you to remove the task from this server (just delete him) and create in the schedule task a new task (without use F-SEcure PSB to do this), and start the task to test. You can create a scan task to test. If its works fine, remove the task and create again in PSB, so distribute the policy and atart the task again.


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