Auto-Login on websites

I'm really new to this so it might be user-error.  However some first thoughts that hit me navigating around.


Is F-secure key supposed to automagically fill in user/pass on websites ?  It doesn't for me, using windows7&Chrome, not when navigating to a site nor when clicking the round icon-thing in the key-application. Also it seems tricky to get the key-symbol in the user/pass -fields to show, so I can choose what credentials to use.

Ctrl+f2 works but that keycombination is a bit odd to reach imho, could it be a feature in the future to select this yourself ?

A nice feature would be the possibility of to choose what program to launch from key-application (eg. Chrome, Putty etc.) - and for websites (chrome) there could be a setting for if I want it to launch a new browser-window or a new tab.

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