Need some help with FSecure Business suite / question to to grant access to one of our iT Helpdesk

Need some help with FSecure Business suite / question to to grant access to one of our iT Helpdesk that could login and check but not administrative access.

We want our IT Helpdesk guy to be involved in the system and the management console but we dont know how to add him as a user to be able to access but not change anything?
Can you please help me??




  • Ben
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    If you mean to add a sub-domain administrator in the Policy Manager Console, then proceed as follows:

    -Open your Console as full admin

    -Go to Tools>>Users

    -Select "Add"  to  add from there a user with read-only access rightssubdomain admin.PNG

  • Thank you for your help.


    The problem is that, this guy is our IT Technician and he does not have administrative privilege to the servers or the server where the console is installed.


    Therefore we want that he would be able to deploy softwares to the clients with the Fsecure consolse.

    Is there any way we can have a solution for this issue?

  • Ben
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    The created user(s) in the console shouldn't need administrative rights. Just being able to launch the console and enter their personal credentials.

    You can even install a PM console simply on a dedicated machine for this technician. 


    For the installation from the PM console, that requires full access to a domain within the console.

    Alternatively you can provide exported installation packages to this person to deploy.

  • HellO Ben,


    According to my IT guys they are unable to create a non-administrator domain user as a fsecure console user to be able to deply or uninstall softwares to the client machines.
    So you mean this can be done as far as i was able to understand you.


    The other alternative installing the Console to the client machine (IT Technician) how can that be done? How can this console connect with the server console?



  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Sorry for being unclear. The IT technician still needs to have at least administrator rights on the target machine as it is needed for the installation and uninstallation of our products.


    Concerning the remote policy manager, you can install the Policy Manager console on a separate machine by running the installer and selecting only that component.

    Please refer to this thread for more information.


  • etomcat
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    I wonder if the full admin rights requirements could be lessened somewhat, with the login script or AD Group Policy methods being used for centrally initiated endpoint protection installation, using either an exported pre-configured .MSI package or the "ilauncher" utility program with a .JAR file?


    (I consider the direct push, admin$ share, remote registry based, traditional centralized install method somehat obsolete, because Microsoft has done a lot, to armour Vista and newer Windows workstation editions against such remote access by default.)


    Best Regards, Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • Thanks for the info Ben, my other question is that the client console we installed was able to work on Internet Explorer 9 so when he updated to IE11 it wont work.

    Is there any reason why it is not working with IE11? but Chrome works fine?



  • Chu
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    Good afternoon!


    The administrative manual from Policy Manager in the page 9 and 10 show the requirements for Policy Manager Installation.


    For Policy Manager Server you will need (network requirements):

    Network: 100 Mbit network.

    • Firefox 3.6 or newer
    • Internet Explorer 7 or newer


    For Policy Manager Console you will need (network requirements):

    Network: 100 Mbit network


    Best Regards,


    Roberto Chu


  • Hello again,


    well yes but how comes it wont support itnernet explorer 11?


    On IE9 it worked fine on a client?

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