reinstall Key and need to retrieve passwords

Hi- I had to reformat my hard drive and have to reinstall F-Secure Key, but I do not see any place where I can retrieve my passwords. I do have the sale invoice, but there is no mention of a subscription number for my paid subscription in the invoice. Any help would be appreciated!


  • Hi Bruce,


    Did you sync the KEY app in your computer with KEY in some other device? The passwords should then be safe in the other device.




    Harri Kiljander


  • Bruce
    Bruce Posts: 18

    I did sync my list with my android, however when I tried to link the android with my new computer I received the message that I had to purchase a subscription (which I already have.) One of my concerns is that I paid for a year's subscription (I have the receipt) but now there is no record of my having paid. Is there not some way this can be resolved so I have access to my passwords? The whole reason I purchased F KEY was for security and the knowledge that I could retrieve my passwords in the event I had to reinstall windows or purchase a new computer.

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