Issues with installing FSPMS and FSPMC on Ubuntu. And FSPMC and FSCS on Windows.

Greetings everyone. A relative newbie here.  I wonder if I could get some assistance?

Here is my situation. I have two PCs on an intranet (the plan is to add more later).

One is Ubuntu-server 14.01.1 LTS, with Lubuntu GUI installed.

The second is Windows 7 machine.

What I am trying to do, is run F-Secure Policy Manager Server on the Ubuntu machine, and then connect other machines (for now just the Windows one) to that. I am using Policy Manager Console to do that, which I have installed versions of to both the remote Windows and on the Ubuntu that actually runs the server.


PC 1 (Ubuntu):
F-secure Policy Manager Server 64-bit 10.43 (deb file)
F-secure Policy Manager Console 64-bit 10.43 (deb file)
F-secure Automatic Update Agent 64-bit 8.36 (deb file)

PC 2 (Windows 7):
F-secure Policy Manager Console  11.22 (exe file)
(attempted) F-secure Client Security 11.60 (jar file).

- - -

I can connect to the Server IP via the console from both PC1 and PC2. It asks for the login/password, and the login seems to work.

I then used the console to add the IP of the PC 2 under the ”Root” Policy domain in the console by right clicking and choosing ”New Host” and intering the proper IP. That created a new sub-item with the IP of PC2, that shows under both consoles.

I then logged in to the Windows Console, and imported the fscs-11.60.284.jar (F-Secure Client Security 11.60) installation package through the console. It seems to show ok.

And finally, I tried to use the console to install Client Security 11.60 Jar file on the Windows 7 PC2, by clicking Install on the ”Installation” tab, choosing the correct (only) package and properly going through the installation.

Unfortunately, nothing seems to happen. A new line with the operation: Installing F-Secure Client Security 11.60 on ”<correct ip>” host appears. The Status reads: ”In progress”. However it seems to have frozen there. The installation never proceeds further as far as I can see. Just keeps saying In progress”.

Furthermore, if I go to the Status tab, and then check the Centralized management section, I see the following:
Policy in use: Not latest
Policy file timestamp: N/A
Connection status: New, never connected
Last connection: N/A

This seems to imply that there is no communication between the PC1 with the Ubuntu server, and the windows PC2 that I am trying to to install F-Secure Client Security to.

- - -

Also, for the record, if I add the Ubuntu PC as another machine under Root, that too shows things such as ”New, never connected”.

I am somewhat unsure how to proceed here? Does anyone have any idea what I should do now or whats wrong? How do I connect the PC2 properly to the server, and how do I finish installing F-Secure Client Security so it is properly installed and runs on PC2 as it should?

The Windows 7 is not under any NT domain. I have (so far as I can see anyway) added necessary exceptions to the firewall (full access for the console program if I configured it right). I can also ping both machines from each other.

I can also connect to the http://<server-ip&gt; and https://<server-ip>:8080 and https://<server-ip>:8081 from the browser installed in PC2, and managed to reach all of them.

I am stuck right now, and any help that would let me proceed would be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much!


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