scheduled scanning on daily bases

hi all

I know how to make the schedule the scan on weekly base, like

/t13:00 /b2014-01-01 /rweekly


but what if I want it to be daily ?





  • thanks ben
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    Technically possible, as shown above, but please don't waste electricity and wear out CPU fan bearings! The monetary cost could be really significant. It should be enough to do it every 7 / 14 days. There is no sense in procedurally virus scanning the entire system every day. In fact almost the only reason for a full system scan is to find rootkits and those are not too frequent threats.


    If there are so stringent IT-security requirements mandating a daily patrol, then some kind of a Unix / Linux style system baseline generator and comparator method could be recommended. That way, only checksums need to be scanned for changes, not entire, often multi-megabyte sized files.


    Best regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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