Mac OS 10.10

Is the Key compatible with Yosemite? The app crashes when I try to run it.


OS 10.10 on a Mac Mini


  • Ben
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    Hello wps75,


    Key should work on Yosemite as mentioned here.

    Supported platforms

    Android 4.0 or later

    iOS 5 or later
    Windows 7 or later
    Mac OS X 10.7 or later


    Do you get any specific error when the app crashes?

  • wps75
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    @>Ben wrote:

    >Hello wps75,



    >Do you get any specific error when the app crashes?

    First when the app tries to launch, a window opens, but it stays black and then closes when the app dies. Then an error report opens up with problem details and system configuration. There is a lot of information in the problem report, and I don't know what to look for.


  • Seems the employee status for my community account is still on the way. I sent you an email address you can use through private message.

  • I also am having issues with Key on Yosemite. I sent you a crash report via private message.
  • wps75
    wps75 Posts: 4

    What's the latest on KEY? It still doesn't run on my Mac. Is it going to be fixed?

  • Key is also crashing on Mac OS 10.11. 

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