F-Secure key (app) is it possible save attachments

F-Secure key (app) I need save my bank code secure key list for my bank account, is it possible? thank you.

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    This is unfortunately not possible in the product currently.

    Don't hesitate to post this idea in the Feature Requests board.







  • I need attach for my bank account photos of secure key list, is that possible? Thank you.
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    Basically it's not possible with current versions. If talk about file-attachments.


    It's possible to add as "note"-part (text-view), but not able to attach picture/file or something like that (just if copied text and add it as "note" under entry-information).


    Good.. if someone else can to provide something more better about situation.

  • BenBen Posts: 2,640 F-Secure Product Expert

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