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Gav Posts: 4 Former F-Secure Employee

Do you know if there are any know bugs with Androids that stop syncing with other devices using KEY?


I’m running Android 4.3 on a Galaxy S3 and Key v 2.0.16.


I think syncing stopped working when I last upgraded the Android App.


Sync works across my Windows PC and iPad both ways but the Android is now out of the loop and wont sync inbound or outbound.


  • Kenneth
    Kenneth Posts: 8 Observer

    Same Problem.

  • Gav
    Gav Posts: 4 Former F-Secure Employee
    I'm going to uninstall the app from my phone and then re associate it with the key account. I love the service now, I must use it more than a dozen times a day so it's a pain when it doesn't work.
  • Kenneth
    Kenneth Posts: 8 Observer

    Sync does not talk from my Win 7 pc to my android samsung galaxy s5 phone.


    i have 3 yearly "premium key" devices and they do not talk to eachother at all.


    kenneth edelstein


    when will this be fixed?

  • Kenneth
    Kenneth Posts: 8 Observer
    ON the PC the entries show as a list, on the android phone it starts with a circle of "favorites" and APPEARS that nothing is there. But it IS there, just press the magnifying glass and you will see the list. Nothing is in the circle as none of the transferred (via sync) entries are favorites. I sure wish that was made clear in the (non existent) help file, such a little thing; but it drove me NUTS for hours.
  • Hi Kenneth, thanks for the feedback! We do not currently automatically populate the favorites ring with your passwords but we let the you to decide which passwords should go there. Maybe we should add some extra intelligence here?


    Harri Kiljander


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