Some FSCS hosts report realtime scanning disabled after FSPMS upgrade

Hello Colleagues,


I did an upgrade of the FSPMS to 10.43.56488-1.x86_64 and upgraded the clients to 11.60 and some clients report to Console that realtime scanning is disabled. 


I tried the basic things - repairing the installarion from central management (reported successful) and clearing (or turning off and then on the realtime scanning) and distributing the policy.

The clients take the new policy but they still report realtime scanning disabled. 

Not _all_ the clients have realtime scanning disabled, only some. The clients with problems are mostly WinXp machines but some of them are Win7 too, so I can't see a pattern here.


When I go to the clients, they will report "offload scanning not available" although I did check the offload scanner installatio during central repair and initially when exporting the msi preisntallation file. 


Any ideas?


  • Ben
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    Offload scanning Agent(OSA) should be used on virtual machines and with a Scanning and Reputation Server(SRS) only.


    From the documentation:

    Offload Scanning Agent – It can be installed in order to offload malware scanning and content reputation checking to a dedicated server running F-Secure Scanning and Reputation Server. This allows to minimize the performance impact to virtualization infrastructure."


    Installation on physical machines and/or without SRS, OSA will introduce the error mentioned.


    To recover, you should reinstall the clients that were upgraded with this component.

  • Actually I enabled OSA and reainstalled when the clients started complaining that it's missing. 

    I've trien to reinstall without OSA and the clients still report No Scanners Available to the FSPMS

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    The exact wording of the error might be critical here("no scanner engine loaded" or "offload scanning not available" ).


    Bottom line is that installing OSA on physical machines is not supported.


    If the errors keeps reoccurring on the clients when they have been reinstall on clean machines without OSA, then I would advise you to open a support case with an fsdiag of one of the affected host.

  • I see Your point. The situations is as follows:


    1) the clients report OSA unavailable, contact Admin (so, that is what one sees when look at the client machine)


    2) the FSPM console reports no scanning engine available for that same client


    And yes, I've opened a Support ticket with fsdiag attached. I'll come back if there's anything new about the issue.

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    It seems you provided an fsdiag from the Policy Manager on linux in your support case.

    In order to confirm the status of the client , an fsdiag from one of them would be needed.


    Let's continue to handle your request via the ticket. Did you see the reply of our support agent from earlier today?

  • Funny, I haven't got anything by email, not even the confirmation about opening the ticket. 


  • Actually the whole MTA was dead due to some update I did yesterday. 

    Got the mails now, thanks!

  • OK, I have heard with Support regarding this  issue, I preinstalled the clients, cleanding up the installation with FS Uninstall tool as suggested by Support and installing a newsly exported package.

    It seemed to be my error - someow OSA got installed on  some clients without me being aware of it.



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