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Hello friends of F-Secure KEY!


We are working on the KEY Help menu. The initial version of KEY had links both to the Knowledge Base and this Community and we wanted to simplify it to have only one link. We now feel that we probably should have both links. What do you think? And what should these links be called? Should we talk about "Frequently Asked Questions" or "Knowledge Base" or what? The biggest audience is people who are not yet familiar with this Community or our Knowledge Base as they are searching for a solution to an issue. A sample screen of the mobile app is included below.


Let us know what you think!


Would you like just one link in the client application? To the Community (http://community.f-secure.com/t5/F-Secure-Key/bd-p/password_management) or to the Knowledge Base (http://community.f-secure.com/t5/F-Secure-Key-KB/tkb-p/password_management%40tkb/label-name/key?labels=key+2)? Or would you like both links present? Or something entirely different? And what should these links be called? Let us know!




Harri, on behalf of the KEY product development team




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    I can to think about next points about current question:


    -> Link for Knowledge Base will be or can be more helpful, if required just one link.

    Just because:


     - Knowledge Base have some important articles and helpful words, but it also should be:

        -- KB should be always up-to-date (not like it was before.. when some of information step-by-step goes to be outdated);

        -- without information about things, which not related with future-design (such as potential features, which can be added);

        -- more languages (?!), not just English as default;

        -- sub-part of KB - such as any advices or tips around theme.


     - On current time time Knowledge Base page have "Search"-form and it's able to use for "search key words", which will be work for Community-part too. And maybe without links for KB under F-Secure Key community-side (and here without tags for brief-search around topics).


    -> About name.. I not sure... can be here something, which should be with design. But something like name - "KEY Community (FAQ, KBs)" can be normal for link maybe.


    -> About something another ..... maybe able to talk about any improve-steps for help, documentation, advices or quick-brief-search for any information about F-Secure Key. And explanation for any technologies around this. Such as.. information or explanation for CPU usage, for KEY-freeze by browser-freeze... for any features as design - how it should be work and why. Maybe changelogs, future-planned features and somethings like that. Under community or help-page (as link for KB/Community).


    Sorry for reply. and sorry if it was just about Mobile-versions question (such as Windows Phone not supported yet, but it's more interesting for me as platform).

  • Both shown is OK.


    With short clear explanation which is official product help, which is community type content.


    May seem obvious, but might not be to Random User looking for help on something.

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