Forgot password. How to reinstall Key? - on Mac



I forgot the password for the Key. I want to reinstall it and start afresh with the new password.

However whenever I remove the Key and reinstall it remembers my profile and wants the password which I forgot.


How to start afresh?


Please help,


  • Ukko
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    With other devices - you should be able to find "F-Secure Key: User Data" (or User Data, or localstorage, or cache of application) and remove it (able to remove just this part of installation).

    After that.. next launch of Key or new installation will be with new clean profile (where you able to start again.... create entries and etc.);


    Sorry if with Mac here needed another steps - but if you able... maybe need to try check list of installed application or other application manager... and see... if here have something with related names about "F-Secure Key and User Data" (or if you able to manually clean some of this things).


    Sorry for hard explanation.

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