ICSA Labs Certification

Do you have any prediction if F-Secure will get the anti-virus certificate of ICSA Labs? We have a lot of governmental customers where asking to this Certification and without this certification, we cant participate the buying process.


I realized the F-Secure already had this certification (F-Secure got the ICSA Labs certification for anti-virus in 2007 over version 5 of Client Security), but after this, F-Secure dont get more the certification or participate the ICSA Certification process.


ICSA Labs Anti-virus Certifications


A lot of competitors have this certification:


- Kaspersky;


- McAfee;

- Panda;

- Symantec;

- Microsoft;

- PSafe, etc...


  • JohannesL
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    Hi, Chu!


    I'm sorry that you havent been given an answer faster.

    I will check up on your question and get back to you as fast as possible.



  • etomcat
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    > We have a lot of governmental customers


    Do you mean the USA?


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • Chu
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    No, the customers its all in Brazil.


    Best Regards,


    Roberto Chu

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